We changed to the weekend playoff format so all teams could participate in the playoffs and it takes the burden off managers to get their teams to playoff games during the week. There will be no rescheduling of game dates unless we have weather issues. If you need to change the time of games that will be allowed to help alleviate field restrictions. It is very important that the winning managers post their score and pitching immediately after their games so opponents will know where they are going on Sunday and arrangements can be made for umpires. There should be no excuses for not reporting your game results as pretty much everyone has a smart phone and if not ask to use your coaches or parentsí phone.

Managers and coaches please review the playoff pitching rules. We donít want to see a game being declared by a forfeit because of a pitching rule violation. This is not fair to the players who have worked hard all season and are excited about the playoffs. Alternate players are not allowed to be used during the playoffs. Each playoff game will have two umpires scheduled. NO EXCUSES! Home teams will arrange for umpires and both teams will split the cost of the umpires. There will be no time limit for the playoff games. Please have a home plate conference with the opposing manager and umpires before the game to go over rules. In addition, please confirm the game score with the opposing manager after each full inning.

10.3     All pitching rules under Rule 4.0 shall be in force during the playoffs, except: 

10.3.1 The balk rules shall be enforced against all pitchers without benefit of a warning.

10.3.2 During the Minuteman League playoff competition, a 13 or 14-year-old pitcherís total weekly innings limitation for his team shall be 9, rather than 7. The pitching week will be defined as beginning on the date of the first playoff game and ending on the date of the championship game, even if it is postponed into a subsequent calendar week for any reason.

10.3.4 15-year-old pitching limitation for the playoffs. There will be a 4-inning maximum rule for the first weekend and then a second 4 innings for the following weekend. The 15-year-old pitching rules will be the same as the regular season since will be using the new weekend playoff format. If 15-year-old pitches 3 innings in the first game, then he will not be available to pitch his 1 remaining inning on Sunday due to the rest rule (4.2).

4.2 Additionally, a player is not allowed to pitch on back-to-back days if they have pitched 3 or more innings on the first day. Thus, for example, a player pitches 3 innings in a Saturday game  cannot pitch on Sunday. 

10.4     Seeding for playoff positions shall be by points earned during the season or in the case of the Minuteman League the points earned in Rounds 2 & 3.  In case of ties, the tie breaker sequence is (1) head to head, (2) least runs allowed per game overall, (3) most runs scored per game, overall.  The tie breakers are used in order to seed ONE team at a time.  Each time a tie is broken to seed one team, leaving a tie between two or more teams, the situation reverts to criteria #1 (head to head results).

10.5 The Directors may publish additional rules to govern the playoffs, as they deem necessary.

Good luck and have fun!

-- Minuteman Baseball Board of Directors